Here at Halfmoon we’re always looking to broaden our creative network – meet new people, and make new connections. Come the Spring and Summer we’ll be looking to launch a new series of music and word based outdoor workshops. Blending these two (three?) mediums will, we think, create some very exciting results –  not least make for a very different learning experience – for both participants and facilitators.

we get to write 2

Halfmoon are calling all musicians out there who love words, love the outdoors, and (of course) love music to step up and share your ideas. We don’t have any project plans in place yet –  at the moment we’re just looking to see what’s out there. If you have any thoughts on how a word and music inspired workshop could take shape, then please get in touch. This could include anything from songwriting, to simple musical interpretation of written language –though we’re particularly interested in ideas that push boundaries: such as percussive poetry, or musical translations of verse or narrative.  Whatever you have to say, we want to hear it. We’re equally interested in any general musings, thoughts, or feedback you might like to offer.

We don’t have any preference regarding musical genre or medium – but we do ask that you have at least a year’s teaching and/or workshop experience, enjoy working collaboratively with others, and don’t mind getting a little bit muddy…. 🙂


Any facilitator position will be a paid one, working on a project by project basis. Halfmoon do not have any internal funding, but we do charge all participants a wholesome fee, hosting a maximum of 15 heads per project. Whoever runs the workshop, gets the money.


Our usual contact address is out of action. For now, please email our lead writer, Helen Calcutt with any proposals, thoughts, plans, or feedback you may have:

Please note that applications of interest will close on the 1st April 2014. You can start submitting any time…from…now.

That’s all for now folks

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