Spring Moon, Walking and Writing Workshop


Join us on next month’s walking a writing workshop with playwright, novelist and poet David Calcutt in the beautiful and historical setting of Stratford Upon Avon.

The walk will take place along the banks of the River Avon where it runs through the town, passing the chain ferry, Holy Trinity Church on the opposite bank, the weirs and to Mill Bridge. Writers will make their way back past the church, through the stunning Avonbank Gardens

The walk will last one hour, with note-taking on sights and sounds of interest, and a writing exercise along the way. Writers will then gather at a local pub or café for refreshments, lunch, a further writing exercise, and writing.

This workshop is Shakespeare themed, and each writer is asked to bring with them a single line from one of Shakespeare’s plays or poems, that has resonance for the writer, and which will feed into the writer’s own work.

Walk: Easy

Cost: £12, £8 concessions (student, over 60’s).

Workshop will take place on Saturday 17th March

Meet a Cox’s Yard in Stratford for an 11am start, to finish around 2pm.

To book please contact email@valleyprojects.org





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